Coming from one of the hottest places in South America, Maracaibo, Alexis Romero (Tito Candela), known as a one-man carnival, brings his latin influences to the French music scene. His debut EP “Fuego,” released in late 2017 and self-described as mind-expanding erotica, is perfect for shaking off those winter blues. Elements of his style are reminiscent of El Guincho, particularly with the use of the steel drum. However, he switches into full dance mode with tracks like “La Cosa Buena” which brings a more disco electro vibe, similar to Jungle. Due to Romero’s involvement with the La Gallera Social Club, there’s a world-music element to the EP. The diverse styles expressed on the EP transports you to Romero’s tropical universe.

Founded by Miguel and Alexis Romero, the La Gallera Social Club allowed Miguel and Alexis to bring their vision to Colombia, Spain, France, England, Wales, and Germany. The mission of the La Gallera Social Club is to bring Venezuelan folklore, psychedelia, and traditional atmospheres to the masses. Both online and offline, it’s a place of free expression and rebellion for Miguel and Alexis. Elements of this free spirited energy are found in the Tito Candela “Fuego EP,” leaving the listener with hope and light. As Les Inrocks puts it, the music is free of fatigue and stress. It’s as light and breezy as the Venezuelan beaches from which Alexis grew up around. We can only hope there will be more from Tito Candela throughout this year.

Fuego was written and recorded Maracaibo, Venezuela and Granville, France between 2013 and 2016 by Alexis Romero. Additional recordings were provided by Vincent Leservoisier. The EP was mixed by Etienne Caylou, and features the following musicians and instruments, Alexis Romero (voice, keyboards, electric guitar, programming), Angelvis Gotera (sax), Ernesto Trezza (congas), Aldry Nava (guayo), and Rodrigo González-Miqueles (Rhodes).