With 5 EP’s and now 5 albums, Son Lux‘s recently released “Brighter Wounds” brings their larger than life sound to a new arc. The emotional turmoil expressed in this album reflects founding member, Ryan Lott’s own personal experiences during the songwriting process. Among times of uncertainty, he became a father and lost a friend to cancer. Kicking off the album is “Forty Screams,” an apologetic homage to the “legacy” future generations will inherit. Among energetic bursts felt throughout the album, there are dark undertones which leave room for mystery and personal exploration. “Brighter Wounds” is a story of humanity, and, in its own way, questions our current political state. Lott’s experience with writing film and dance scores enhances the album by turning it into an all-encompassing “Dream State.”

“Throughout the the album’s arc, Lott seeds numerous allusions to a struggle between light and dark, day and night, as well as a leitmotif of escape — from awaking from a haze and recapturing the romance of youth (“Dream State”) to unburdening oneself from being defined by old traumas (“Surrounded”). “Slowly” addresses the lies we tell to comfort each other when the truth becomes too much to bear.” – NPR

“For a Sox Lux record, minimalism, discordance and silence are better utilized than ever before. The most impressive track on Brighter Wounds ’Labor’ offers a fractured patchwork of cherubic strings, dub-flourishes and R&B, lumbering on eggshell beats.” – Drowned in Sound

“For all the musical sophistication on display here, Lott’s cracked warble and heart-on-sleeve lyrics contrast with the steely precision of the arrangements in ways that are surprisingly emo, humanizing the robotic soundscapes even when it leans too far into angst.” – Slant Magazine

“Brighter Wounds” was released on 9 February 2018 via City Slang and features collaborators like DM Stith, Rob Moose. yMusic, trumpeter Dave Douglas, and the instrument-builder and musician Arrington de Dionyso.