Inspired by the Andes, Berlin avant-pop trio Bodi Bill’s lead singer fantasised about the mountain range while working on the title track for the “Peruhu EP.”

While writing and producing songs back then in our rehearsal space in a musty Berlin basement, I wasted countless thoughts on how great it could be to jog up and down the Andes, sweating into the mountains, seeing the jungle, and the people, the rocks and cliffs. And suddenly i was in possession of a plane ticket to Lima and completely confused. Apparently confused enough to track down the first version of this song just before I left.

-Fabian Fenk

The song brings South American warmth with Jörg Wähner (Apparat) providing fast paced drums. Consisting of Fabian Fenk, Anton Feist, and Alex Stolze, Bodi Bill carries through other elements of nature with the EP. The second song “Oh Oh Oh” is inspired by abstract wolf howling in a frozen inaccessible wilderness. This is reflected in its echoing melodies. In the final track, “Requiem for the Reaper,” Alex Stolze’s haunting violin sets the mood. Check out the EP below to have a listen, which is out via Sinnbus Records, and connect with the earth.

Techno, folk, and indie eclecticism

Formed in Berlin in 2005, Bodi Bill’s three members met in the club scene. Although their musical style is far from techno, Bodi Bill’s eclectic style incorporates elements from that world. In addition to Bodi Bill, Fabian Fenk and Anton Feist created The/Das in 2012. Alex Stolze also contributes to other projects, including UNMAP. In their own words, the band reflects a large circle of creative friends that ebbs and flows with creative waves. Bodi Bill is a living organism comprised of their combined efforts. Their style of music reflects room for experimentation. The “Peruhu EP” is a teaser of Bodi Bill’s 2022 album, “I Love U I Do.”