Iceland’s Samaris‘ growing international fanbase pushed the group to create an album with English lyrics. “Black Lights,” which was released today, is an adventurous kaleidoscope of sound with a crisp and airy feeling. The trippy instrumentation becomes a focal point for each track, leaving vocals as a supporting element to navigate listeners. Sometimes the album gets a little dark without seeming overly heavy, in a positive way. Overall, the experience is fairly balanced and provides enough intrigue to linger on after “Black Lights” is finished. It’s a good album for watching the sunset on a rooftop while getting ready for a crazy night out.

Have a listen to “Black Lights” below via Spotify.

“Written over the course of a year between Berlin, Ireland and scattered locations across Europe, the trio have captured a sound taking cues from dub techno, IDM and breakbeat matched with delicate ambient textures, washing synth lines and Jófríður’s breathy and magnetic voice.” – THUMP

“The album has English lyrics, and comes after a busy few years of international touring and festivals. “Black Lights comes from a wider context than the first album, which was very much an ode to Iceland,” says Jófríður. “It’s the result of all our travelling and playing abroad. It’s much more upbeat, full of life, driven.” – Grapevine

“Vocally, Samaris is on top of their game as well, with some light female vocals that steal the show as they float over the electronic instrumentation in the background.” – Popmatters

“Jófríður Ákadóttir’s vocals, on the other hand, prove intoxicating, particularly when coupled with the foreboding jitter of the title track, Wanted 2 Say’s flush of synths or the clipped beats and shimmer of R4ven.

Obvious touchpoints include The Knife, Disclosure and Bat for Lashes, with I Will providing one of the tracklisting’s more groove-laden moments.” – Irish Times