Little Dots’ Electro Evolution

Ghent’s Little Dots‘ second album, “Do You Know How We Got Here,” released in September 2018, is a total rebirth […]

Gwenno’s Cornish Experience

Upon listening, Gwenno (Saunders)’s songs found in “Le Kov,” released 2 March 2018, and 2014’s “Y Dydd Olaf,” may sound […]

Sylvie Kreusch’s Killer Debut

 Sylvie Kreusch‘s debut performance at Botanique during the Les Nuits music festival proved to be an explosive audiovisual experience […]

Tsar B’s Ninja Moves

Tsar B‘s stage presence is a well thought out production incorporating an acrobatic dancer and ninjas, and guest appearance by […]

Her’s Dynamic LP Tribute

The tenacious spirit felt in Her‘s debut album, released on 30 March 2018, is the result of lead singer, Victor […]

Palace Winter’s Sonic Empire

Copenhagen-based Australian singer-songwriter, Carl Coleman, and Danish producer, Caspar Hesselager’s project, Palace Winter, mixes the tenacious energy one would expect […]