In addition to releasing the multi-dimensional “See Through” EP in late 2017, Parisian musician, Adrien Casalis (VIMALA), dropped a new track “Ages” last month. Moving through pulsating highs and lows, the new single shows Casalis’ ability to shift from dark electro to deep house. Cascading emotions pour from this track, which only builds upon the talent shown in his earlier EP’s, including “See Through,” and the appropriately titled, “First EP.” Creating a common bond among all the tracks, Casilis’ music is extremely cinematic. Largely inspired by film, the name VIMALA comes from Métamorphoses by Christophe Honoré.

Although Tsugi Magazine compares VIMALA to James Blake, and his bio references Antony and the Jonhsons, Casilis’ own style is more on par with other grandiose french musicians like Woodkid and Belgium’s Oscar and the Wolf. If “Ages” is any indication of where his music is heading, then Casilis should move beyond these styles. Lesinrocks picked up on his elegant style when VIMALA’s musical journey began over one year ago. This attention to detail, greatly influenced by coming from a musical family, is what will set Casilis’ talent apart in the future. His artistic expression abilities are just getting warmed up.

Casilis was raised by a singer/guitarist mother and violinist father. As Konbini puts it, he had a saxophone for a baby bottle and guitar as a toy. His brothers, a sound engineer and cellist, have been a part of his professional music career, and were collaborators on his “First EP.” Casilis also works as a film director, photographer, and screenwriter for films and plays. The technical ability and creativity within Casilis makes VIMALA a very special project with a lot bubbling beneath the surface. To see the progress Casilis has achieved within about a year’s time, listen to “Sailing Soul” off his “First EP.”