Whether you’re seeking a new dance jam or reverb-heavy garage rock track, Prince Rama touches on both elements and everything in between with “Xtreme Now” out on March 4 via Carpark Records. Sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson don’t play homage to a particular sound aesthetic or try to be too nostalgic. What they deliver is an audio journey, spanning the indie electro rock cosmos. Tying everything together are dreamy, distinctive, prominent vocals.

Appropriately, “Xtreme Now” premiered today on top of a ski mountain and was made available for streaming via Stereogum. The whole album is embedded below through SoundCloud.

“In addition to the heightened intensity in each sound, Prince Rama takes their work to the next level through an expansion in diversity as well. From the jangly strings and almost gentle falsetto vocals in “Slip into Nevermore” to the orchestral elements and gospel backup vocals of “Your Life In The End,” each song is distinct and imaginative while maintaining its cohesiveness.” – Stereogum

“…Xtreme Now is easily the spacey duo’s most accessible, instantly likable — if all-all-over-the-place record to date. There’s dancepop (“Bahia,” “Fantasy,” the LEN-ish “Your Life in the End”), white witch new age excursions (“Slip Into Nevermore,” “Sochi”), and tribal new wave (“Believe in Something Fun,” “Fantasy”), but it’s all got Prince Rama’s glitter all over it, and every song has a big memorable hook. It’s a lot of fun…” – Brooklyn Vegan