Tsar B‘s stage presence is a well thought out production incorporating an acrobatic dancer and ninjas, and guest appearance by Sylvie Kreusch, in a visually engaging set. Although lead singer, Justine Bourgeus, is often compared to FKA twigs and Banks, her fluttering trip-hop r&b is in a league of its own. With clear, bass-driven vocals, and industrial / middle eastern elements, Tsar B’s music inspires rhythmic grooves and movements. Switching between vocals, violin, and choreographed dance routines, Justine Bourgeus’ Tsar B is anything but a bourgeoning act – especially since her fans know her songs so well. Having previously worked with School is Cool, this isn’t Bourgeus’ first rodeo and it shows. Not to mention, her super trendy sense of style. Tsar B’s performance was truly lit.

“The Belgian queen of the alternative R & B was self-confident in leather black trousers, white Buffalo’s and a sporty croptop in front of her fans.” – Dansende Beren

“NME called Bourgeus’s ‘2016 debut EP’ so dark and progressive that you wonder whether it could be made by a human being. “In the AB we saw a show of sensual flesh and blood, in which Tsar B threw himself as the Grand Duke of the thousand-and-one nightlife.” – De Morgen

“A classically trained violinist, the multi-talented upstart jumped from band to band in her hometown before deciding to self-produce her own vision — a unique blend of self-described “dark-as-the-night R&B,” anchored on pitched-down and glitchy electronics, peppered with Middle Eastern sonic influences.” – Billboard

Tsar B’s debut album will come out in September of this year. For now, listen to “Rattlesnake” below – followed by photos from their recent live performance. You’ll want to add Tsar B to your Spotify playlist.

Justine Bourgeus @tsarbmusic takes us to the other side last night @abconcerts

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