On 13 May, NYC’s Bottler played the 15 year InFiné celebration at Zenner Berlin. Bringing to life their debut album, “Journey Work,” the electro duo performed a blend of pop, indie, trip hop, and club music. As producers, Bottler’s Pat Butler and Phil Shore are no stranger to fast paced beats which showed in their synth-heavy delivery. If you haven’t had a listen to “Journey Work” yet, you can stream it below.

InFiné Records anniversary

French imprint with an outpost in Berlin, InFiné Records, showed off their best during the anniversary event. Along with Bottler, there were live performances from Gaspar Claus, Léonie Pernet, and Rone. Keeping the party going was DJ sets from Frieder Nagel, Cubenx, Basile3, and Deena Abdelwahed. The label is best known for elevating electronic artists. In addition to the lineup, InFiné’s roster also includes big names like Secret of Elements.

Bottler “Journey Work”

Their album “Journey Work” has been five years in the making, and is a result of their creative process involving many hurdles. It’s a milestone for Bottler, allowing the duo to focus on future projects and releases. With the support of InFiné, and live set off the ground, their eclectic style is ready for dance floors everywhere.

The single, “Melatonin,” captures the essence of the album with its exploration into confronting emotions.

Melatonin is a song about the limbo space between dreams and reality. That moment when you first wake up, and are unsure if what you dreamt is a memory from the past or something you imagined the night before. In the track’s lyrics, we describe the frustrating reality that sometimes in dreams, those we love the most take on different faces and embody our deepest anxieties. The production of the track, with its grimy Wurlitzer piano, lo8i drum samples, and spaghetti western guitar, suspends the listener in the space between catchy electro/disco and unsettling avant-pop.