With Qendresa’s elegant vocals, Coops’ raps, and Kartell’s production talent, the groove-inspired track, “Time,” is a perfect match for London funk-electronic collective Frank Moody. Released via Roche Musique, the Franc Moody remix of “Time” is filled with warm 70’s rhythmic bass and R&B inspired drops. It’s an early party beat to get the vibe started just right. If there’s a mood board for the music Kartell creates, it’s the orange glow after laying out in the sun, and dark blue cliffs in the night.

Kartell originally released “Time” last year during his comeback with March 2021 EP “Daybreak.” This release kicked off collaborations with Franc Moody, Cody Currie, DJ Counselling & The Code. Get into the remix with the video clip below.