Icelandic/Berlin-based artist, Daði Freyr brought talent which placed them high on 2021’s Eurovision rankings to Astra Kulturhaus. The energetic show delivered on hits like “Think About Things,” and latest track, “Sabada.” While performing, Daði showed versatility by seamlessly moving between serious notes and dance bops. It was a show as smooth as his recorded tracks. More about Daði Freyr following photos from the show.

Daði Freyr’s Comeback

After seeing the show live, it’s interesting to consider how things would’ve turned out if they performed during Eurovision 2021. Due to complications of the pandemic, they weren’t able to physically attend, resulting in a video. Despite all this, Daði Freyr was still able to catch the attention of The Guardian, whose commentary sums up their vibe, and fans around the world.

To pull off this blend of silliness and self-parody is high-wire stuff, and Daði walks it confidently. You can only mess about if you’ve got the songs on a string; the show needs to be funny without becoming the punchline.

-The Guardian

This comedic energy, combined with Daði’s vocal abilities makes for a rare combination that’s deserving of all its praise. Now that things seem to be in full swing again, concerning live events, it’s time for Daði Freyr, and many artists put on hold by the pandemic, to make a real comeback.

In their own category

Despite being known for Eurovision, Daði Freyr’s success is not dependent on the event. They rose up with the help of TikTok, and deliver a relevant sound on par with successful acts like Chet Faker. They make serious music (which is not what people usually associate with Eurovision – especially lately). They’re in their own category, making waves, dominating the charts, and don’t seem to care what anyone thinks. If you haven’t checked them out, have a listen below.