Two Belgian acts, Balthazar & Sylvie Kreusch took the stage at Berlin’s Columbiahalle, showing off their country’s unique talent. Although Sylvie opened, the billing felt balanced (as opposed to a supporting act), regarding star power. You could feel her journey unfolding as her dynamic vocal range captivated the crowd. Sylvie set the tone and created a natural flow for Balthazar to follow next.

After only “seeing” Balthazar on their Moment House live stream in 2021, it was clear why they’ve amassed a sizeable following. They overpowered the venue with a crisp and smooth rock vibe. More about the acts following photos from the performance.

Sylvie Kreusch

Balthazar – Sand Castle Tapes

As mentioned above, the only way to experience their 2021 album, Sand Castle Tapes was through a Moment House live stream. It was recorded during the pandemic when things felt much more uncertain. You can check out a full review of that release, here. After seeing the performance, it’s clear these songs were meant for the world to hear on stage. The emotionally-charged nature of their songwriting gave way to an uplifting vibe, leaving the past behind.

Sylvie Kreusch – On Tour

With recently released May 2022 single, “Girls,” which carries her global voodoo sound, Sylvie Kreusch is currently on tour throughout Europe.

Here’s where you can catch her:

  • 20 May – Utrecht, NL
  • 28 May – Brussels, BE
  • 16 June – Amsterdam, NL
  • 17 June – Landgraaf, NL
  • 22 June – The Hague, NL
  • 16 July – Dour, BE
  • 6 August, Diepholz, DE
  • 18 August, Kiewit-Hasselt, BE
  • 1 October, Turnhout, BE
  • 12 October, Groningen, NL
  • 10 December, Borgerhout, BE

It’s really hard to capture her vibe in words, and worth seeing for yourself. Filled with empowerment, Sylvie is a leading musician existing in her own category. Sylvie’s performances are a rare combination of vulnerability mixed with rage and passion.