During their European tour, Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul performed at Berlin’s Berghain Kantine. The animated show provided an emotionally-charged element to the duo’s tracks on LP, “Topical Dancer.” Singles like “Haha” and “It Hit Me” received a deeper dimension than found on the record. With “Topical Dancer” covering everything from nationalism to sexuality, the danceable beats leave their mark well after the performance – creating a space for deep reflection, especially as the world continues to turn. If you haven’t checked out their songs, have a listen to “Blenda” below, followed by more on the duo.

A masterful combination

With Charlotte’s vocal delivery, and Bolis’ production skills, the duo makes for a highly complementary pair. It’s no wonder electronic music legend Soulwax put their name behind “Topical Dancer” with their DEEWEE label. As both Charlotte and Bolis are Belgian, from immigrant backgrounds, they create material close to their hearts. The delivery is as provocative, as it is intelligent. Packaged in highly polished electro-pop, the fun songwriting makes you do a double take. The best example of this is with “Thank You,” which is as shady as it is catchy.

“Belgium still doesn’t recognise the atrocities that Leopold II did in the Congo. There haven’t been any apologies. It results in a lot of people being completely ignorant of that past. How can you be aware of the present?”

-Charlotte Adigéry, The Guardian

Charlotte Adigéry & Bolis Pupul on tour

Following their European tour, ending on 19 August, Charlotte & Bolis are ready to enter North America. You can catch them in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles (opening for Grace Jones) in September, before returning to Belgium. If you’re able to catch them now, you’ll be delightfully surprised. Have a listen to “Topical Dancer” below. Depending on your reaction, it might be an opportunity for growth.