After releasing “I Love U I Do” in March 2022, Berlin-based electro group Bodi Bill toured around Germany in May. Their Berlin show at Hole⁴⁴ in Neukölln, supported by Flawless Issues, came through on explosive, punchy beats found throughout the record. The sounds created on stage would, at times, fit well in any underground nightclub. Regarding the whole set, there was an experimental, loose vibe bringing everything together. If you haven’t listened to “I Love U I Do,” check it out below.

I Love U I Do

Comprised of lead singer, Fabian Fenk, Anton Feist, and Alex Stolze, Bodi Bill appears to be a project rooted in deep questions. As an example, “I Love U I Do,” is about Fenk’s self reflections on fatherhood. Also, according to a Takt Magazin interview, it’s about the current state of the world / climate change. These themes go hand in hand, especially as we consider how many years left we have before catastrophe hits.

I became a father for the first time at the beginning of the pandemic and retreated into a fantasy world…how can I be sure?

-Fabian Fenk

This openness/uncertainty is what seems to drive the project. It’s likely that question “how can I be sure?” is about knowing what’s the right path to take. The Bobi Bill project, as it stands, is about fluidity, flux, and adaptability. This changeable nature is found in the varying songwriting styles through the album.

There’s a lot of room for growth for Bodi Bill to find themselves – if that’s what they’re after. With their combination of production / instrumental talent, it seems “I Love U I Do,” is a step towards answering some of Bodi Bill’s biggest questions.

Tying up loose ends is especially relevant as the album comes with a feeling of rebirth. Their work, propelled by the contemporary, heads towards the future – something we all wonder about.