A result of meticulous labor, BIIANCO underscores their identity with Mixtape #2, a music project which debuted with a tarot card platform. As the songs unfold, the non-binary artist/producer tells a well-crafted narrative alongside danceable electronic beats and vocals from BIIANCO and collaborators, Madame Ghandhi, SWIMM, Luna Shadows, Tolliver, Amo Amo, and Kaleena Zanders. Most notable of these tracks is “A Resurrection of Sorts (ft. Kaleena Zanders” – an anthem about BIIANCO’s rebirth and perseverance in a cis-male dominated industry. Read more about this, and the Mixtape #2 project in a Q&A following the full release.

It’s good you address the cis-white male lens of the music world – have you experienced moments where you’re working twice as hard as those who fit that description?

Absolutely. The truth of the matter is that while quarantine did bring visibility to a lot of femme producers + engineers through social media exposure, this didn’t necessarily translate to dollar signs. The big production sessions are still going to all cis male producers. Go look at the producer credits for all the major pop + hip hop tracks dropped in 2021, it’s less than 5% women.  It’s harder to gain trust as a femme producer for those big opportunities — even if you have 3x as many TikTok viewers watching your production videos.  

Similarly, have you had challenges with receiving proper representation in the press?

Certain press is harder. I think Mixmag and some of the more traditionally male-dominated publications are making a much bigger effort to represent equally now. But, some is easier, especially fashion publications. My motto with that stuff is to keep doing what I’m good at and stay in my lane.  Recognition will come when you create good shit.

The tarot card website concept is really interesting – what’s your connection with the spiritual realm?

Tarot was a really big part of my life all throughout the making of Mixtape #2, so I felt like it was only natural to share that with my fans during its release. But even before Mixtape #2, I’ve always been very connected to that world.  In fact, every full moon I throw rituals in my yard where people come to do practice. My neighbors definitely think I’m nuts.

You’ve secured incredible collabs for this mixtape. Is that the result of your production work + what other artists have you worked with?

I am so honored to have worked with the amazing artists who were apart of this mixtape. I am even more honored to call Kaleena Zanders, SWIMM, Tolliver, Luna Shadows and Amo Amo friends. In a lot of those collabs, we got to know each other in person or over social media and then kinda of naturally slid into collaborations. LA is a big place with an intimate family of creatives.  I have actually been working my ass off on some upcoming collaborations with even more people. I’m so excited to show who’s gonna be a part of my next project too.

As this is a defining moment for you, what would you like to be known for – above everything else?

I want to be known as the mad scientist of music to dance and ugly cry to.