Rapper Dai Burger, known for her bold style, combining food, sexuality, and everything in between, brings the heat to second album, “Back in ya Mouf.” On track “I Luv U,” Burger collaborated with non-binary rapper, Paperboy Love Prince, who’s interactive Brooklyn community space is featured in the music video. Prince, the first artist represented by Azaelia Banks’ Chaos & Glory Recordings, ran for NYC mayor in 2021 and is known for activist-lead initiatives. With Burger’s music, she uses her queer identity to be a voice of her generation. It’s a call to let loose, and get lost in the danceable hand-clap drumbeats. Start your own dance party by pressing play on the album below.

Bubble Gum

Carrying the high-energy spirit of her tracks, Dai Burger’s music videos are a feast for all the senses. As a backup dancer for Lil Mama, she’s no stranger to the dance floor. You can catch her moves in the video for “Bubble Gum,” which was directed by Rahil Ashruff. She also invited friends Mazi, who’s toured with Princess Nokia, and Wy, to show off their moves. Celebrity choreographer, David Sincere, made sure everything was on point. Bringing Dai Burger’s unique style, the video represents her dynamic sound. Switching between butter soft sung vocals and punchy raps – it invites you to join the ride.

What’s Good

Taking a step back, “What’s Good” is a softer R&B style track that echoes the question, “What You Want?” A departure from the rest of the album, it invites the listener to pause and reflect. Here, Burger shows her softer, emotional side, and it’s a nice surprise. It also further underscores her versatility, moving from slow jams to block party bangers. In this sense, she’s embodying her New York identity – both fast paced and reflective. Get into everything Dai Burger is turning out, including “What’s Good,” on “Back in Ya Mouf.”