From full-length album, “We Survived the Storm,” Minnesota-native Moise comes through with rich, rock melodies on “Cellphone Receiver.” With a COLORS session, and over 5 million streams on Spotify, the artist is rapidly carving his own niche. The single comes with a much needed message of remaining in touch, and checking up on those around us. Known for his retro style, Moise takes us back a bit with “Cellphone Receiver.” It’s a reflective journey, polished off with musical brilliance. Have a listen to it for yourself below.

Upcoming full length album from Moise

As “Cellphone Receiver” leads up to “We Survived the Storm,” Moise explains further on inspiration for the album. Extremely relevant, it’s filled with emotion, a sense of urgency, and pays homage to Amy Winehouse.

Life isn’t easy but having people around you to give you a call and check up on you makes a difference. With the soulful motown inspired backing of the music it lays a bed for this story to sit on top of. To be honest, I hope this record makes someone like Amy Winehouse smile. She was a big influence on my music style growing up. Her voice and storytelling made it apparent that she was going through life’s ups and downs.


Using his own life as inspiration, Moise’s story offers a full human experience. He’s the son of two Rwandan immigrants that escaped genocide by fleeing to America. With this, there’s an old soul feeling and a sense of many lives encountered to Moise’s music. The record invites us all to be part of his personal self-reflective process, a true privilege for anyone who listens. It comes with pure, irreplaceable raw talent. Above all, it’s a story of finding oneself. Keep a lookout for “We Survived the Storm” in May 2022.