Adding to the sweet, sultry chords and vocals found on French electro-synth group Pendentif‘s latest album, “Vertige Exhaussé” via PIAS, is a supercharged element which comes out during their live performances. Lead by singer and percussionist, Julia Jean Baptiste, tracks like Bleu Cobalt were expressed whole-heartedly, in full force, during Pendentif’s mesmerizing set (seen below via Instagram). As Julia moved around the stage and showed a rougher edge to the seemingly polished music, there was a sense of urgency and connection with the audience. It’s as if the members of Pendentif were making music for that particular moment, rather than following a strict audio identity. This rebellious spirit brought an unexpected high-energy rock vibe to what could’ve been a low-key show. It was like a danceable cross-over between Yelle and Chromatics.

When speaking with Numéro, composer Benoit Lambin references the landscape of the Pyrenees in the south of France as a main inspiration for the album. This is why the cover artwork is a glacier. “To write our texts, we try to work in terms of images, sensations, a bit like the Impressionists (painters)”…Ultimately, a romantic canvas made in 1818 best summarizes the spirit of Vertiges Exhaussé: “‘The traveler contemplating a sea of ​​clouds’, Caspar David Friedrich “, quotes Benoit. This painting shows a man in the back, in full introspection, who observes a misty landscape.”

To get caught in Pendentif’s mystifying, dreamlike landscape, listen to “Vertige Exhaussé” below followed by photos from the live performance. You’ll find yourself suddenly transported to a place of serenity and bliss.

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Consisting of Julia Jean Baptiste (lead singer/percussionist), Benoit Lambin (guitar/songwriter), Mathieu Vincent (keyboard/bass), and Jonathan Lamarque (drums), Pendentif was created in Bordeaux in 2011. “Vertige Exhaussé” is inspired by Toro y Moi, Jacques Rozier films, and Blood Orange’s sensual R&B.