Close out March, and spring into April with The Kooples sample sale at their 150 Greene Street location in SoHo, NYC. Racked reports on potential discounts of around 50-70% off, based on past events. “In terms of actual merchandise, men’s and women’s outerwear was $295, but it was the handbags that we found gave us the best bang for our buck.” The sale begins on Wednesday, 30 March, and runs through Monday, 4 April. Here’s what the last one looked like:

Until April of 2015, The Kooples’ presence was primarily focused in Europe (aside from being carried in some major US retailers). As a result, the majority of shoppers haven’t been American. “During my first 30 minutes in the shop, every customer appeared to be foreign: one French, one German, two British, and three unclassifiable (deep tans, faint accents). Finally an American in shorts entered…” – New York Times

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Following suit for this aesthetic, comes tighter fittings. “Though we found a good mix of sizes available, in general they all seemed to run quite small, at least for women. Keep this in mind as you browse to make sure you’re grabbing sizes likely to fit.” – Racked

Everyone who’s seen advertisements for the brand knows it primarily targets those in relationships. “Walking around Paris, it is clear from the number of couples carrying bags from Kooples how many buy into the concept.” – The Guardian. The sale is timely, as springtime is prime for building on a new love interest.