Obvious food choices while in Austin, TX for SXSW, Austin City Limits, or just hanging out in the fast-growing capital city are tacos and barbecue. For vegetarian and vegan friendly (or just outright healthier) alternatives, there’s a wide selection of ramen restaurants. Daruma Ramen and Ramen Tatsu-ya – South Lamar (which hosted VICE’s Munchies SXSW party) are most accessible to downtown and provide wide selections of broths and ingredients. Both places opened within the past five years, and are part of the many establishments defining Austin’s ramen scene.

“…prepare for your mind to be blown. Daruma is a tiny noodle place in the middle of an otherwise-bereft stretch of Sixth Street that seats everybody family-style and serves four types of ramen (two of them come in vegan varieties).” – VICE

The South Lamar outpost opened in 2014, and could be the first of many in Ramen Tatsu-ya’s Austin takeover. “Co-owner Tatsu Aikawa previously told Eater that they were looking to expand “south” in Austin, and that they might eventually open as many as four locations around town. Ramen Tatsu-Ya has earned local and national praise since opening in North Austin in 2012, including nabbing a spot on Bon Appetit’s list of 50 Best New Restaurants.” – Eater

Although Austin is definitely not the norm for trends in Texas, counteracting its meat-heavy tradition is a step in the right direction for food-conscious diners in the Lone Star State.