Amsterdam-based, architecturally-infused shoe brand, UNITED NUDE, is currently running a sample sale daily from 10am-6pm at their 25 Bond Street location in New York. With most items priced in the $50-$75 range (up to 70% off), it’s a good opportunity to add Rem Koolhaas/Galahad Clark approved footwear to your wardrobe. Even if you can’t make it to NYC, prices online are significantly reduced. Sadly, no luck on scoring some discounted Zaha Hadid structural body pedestals.

“We found the majority of the selection to revolve around the artsy — think statement shoes like neon orange mules ($75), geometric-looking rubber flats ($50), bright pumps with rubber heels ($75), booties ($75), leather pumps with contrasting colored stacked heels ($75), and one pair that the store’s manager told us she expected shoppers to rave over: leather and calf half booties with a stacked heel ($100)…While women’s shoes made up the majority of the sale, we did see a few men’s styles along the right side of the shop, as well as a few handbags ($150) and flat clutches ($50).” – Racked

Koolhaas on their inaugural product, “The shape of the Möbius shoe was so simple but we had to invent a new way of shoe-making for it. Working with some of the world’s most advanced shoe technicians in Italy was crucial. The materials we used had also never been used before to even make shoes. The long fibre-reinforced nylon heels needed hardened steel moulds, which we ended up making with a car-part mould maker.” – Dezeen

In 2003 UNITED NUDE launched the Möbius shoe, which since then has been recognized as a design-classic and while the brand became the leader in architectural footwear.

UNITED NUDE has positioned itself at the intersection of design and fashion and has gained international recognition for the brand’s creative work. Known for clarity, elegance and innovation, United Nude shoes are sold in over 40 countries, with flagship stores in Amsterdam, London and New York.

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