In between her “Colorful Shores” EP released in February 2017 via Parisian label, Animal Records, and upcoming “SHADOW” EP – coming out in April 2018, French trip-hop electro performance artist, Elbi (Lucile Bauer), is sharing her expressive energy and bewitching crowds on a European / Egyptian mini-tour. Though she’s just a solo act, her enchanting movements and passionate vocals are big enough to fill any stage. As to increase the intensity of her performance, Elbi invited a dancer, Chloe Santinacci, to join. The whole set was emotionally charged and took over the entire room like a multi-sensory veil. It goes without saying that the music, which at times was both subdued and filled with high-energy, kept everyone engaged throughout Elbi’s polished act.

While speaking to Konbini, Elbi self-describes her music as spiritual electro, a mix between deep techno, house, and soul, where the senses overpower self-control. Matching the theme of her single, “On a Wave of Light,” Elbi invites her listeners to close their eyes and become guided by the sound. That’s exactly what was felt during her live performance as she commanded the stage.

“Elbi is a nomadic, multi-faceted young performer who is inspired by a kaleidoscope of influences, resulting in a musical identity that is both instinctive and authentic.” – Egyptian Independent

Listen to “Colorful Shores” below, followed by pictures from her performance.


Elbi’s influences include TLC, Robert Glasper, Erykah Badu, Sampha, A Tribe Called Quest, Bonnie Banane, Björk, Grimes, Solange, Carl Craig, M.I.A., Drake, Nina Kraviz, and Black Coffee. Starting her musical journey at 11, and composing music at 15, gave her a head-start on the discovery process. At the beginning of her career, she was able to play at the BBC Tent during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and self-released an EP, “Troublesome Soul,” in 2014. Elbi has collaborated with Villanova on their single, “On the Loose.”