Performing hits like “Synrise,” and “Control,” Belgian-based electro group GOOSE stopped by Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin on 23 March before ending their 2023 tour in Cologne. With more than two decades of experience, the band showed a wide range during their show. Read more about how they find inspiration, and keep things fresh in a previously published interview.

Dropping new material

GOOSE is putting out new releases, including recent “Rock” single with b-side “Get it Started,” and 2022 “Endless” album (as featured in the linked article). As with all their material, there’s a combination of styles coming through, making each track feel fresh, yet familiar. “Get It Started” is a good example of this, since it combines 90’s electro-pop melodies with GOOSE’s own modern take.

GOOSE returns to their roots

As mentioned above, the performance included some of their biggest hits, paying homage to their career spanning 4 studio albums released on labels including Skint Records and iK7, and various EP’s and remixes. It served as a good reflective moment to see where they’ve been – particularly at this moment when GOOSE is looking to the future.

Self releasing on Safari Records

One of the biggest changes for the band is their own label, Safari Records. This imprint provided more flexibility for writing and releasing their “Endless” album, called out in the interview.

We came to a point where we felt confident and ready to take our career in own hands. I guess freedom or creative freedom is sacred to us in order to push boundaries and come up with a new angle with every album.


As Clash Magazine puts it, “‘Endless’ is a crisp, potent, punchy return, one that explores fresh ideas in a way that is both dynamic and immediately familiar.”

There’s no saying where GOOSE heads next on their latest journey.