Taking over Brussels from 29 March – 2 April 2023, Listen Festival transformed the city into a nightlife mecca. Along with temporary DJ spaces, L’Imprimerie, Gare Central, and Congrés, there was a diverse range of electronic acts and DJ’s showcased. Additionally, traditional venues including Botanique and Anciennce Belgique hosted live performances, emphasising Belgium’s talent like Tsar B. There was also a special night at the Église Notre-Dame de Laeken with harpist Ange Halliwell and electronic act, Malibu.

Ange Halliwell

Making Brussels nightlife safe and accessible

It’s hard to think of any place competing with Berlin, regarding diverse party options. However, with the Brussels by Night Federation, there’s a movement to breathe new life into the Belgian capital. Throughout Listen Festival, attendees were reminded to be conscious of their surroundings and respectful towards other guests. This mindfulness in nightlife spaces is a direct result of a responsible body focused on what happens after dark. In addition to activating the temporary spaces listed above, Listen Festival ensured the venues were safe and accessible. For example, with the parties hosted at BUDA, a regular shuttle bus facilitated easy transportation to the remote, far north club.

Congrés, Photo by Simon Leloup

Listen Festival grows each year

As the seventh edition of Listen Festival, this year’s instalment was the biggest ever. Over 100 acts were showcased across 20 parties and 15 venues during the event. Bringing together a mixture of Belgian talent and international performers, there was a push to elevate the local scene to global audiences. Among party, hosts local institutions including Gay Haze, Spek, Crevette Records, Magma, Maloca Records, Mo Mamba, Kiosk Radio, and more brought incredible vibes. Additionally, Our Scene hosted panels and workshops. As a result, this mixture of presenters highlighted Belgium’s vibrant entertainment community. It’s no wonder the country continually pushes out groundbreaking talent, across all genres.