Returning to a full live event, the 2022 edition of Pop-Kultur Berlin brings a mix of international and domestic German talent to the Kulturbrauerei. With over 100 events spanning 3 days, including live acts, DJ’s, and visual arts, it provides a taste of what pop culture really means to Berlin.

The Pop-Kultur festival is like Berlin itself: loud, colourful, diverse and, above all, unique. It welcomes artists and audiences to discover and celebrate music in all its diversity, to talk about it and to find new sources of inspiration. With special and unique presentation such as the Commissioned Works, Pop-Kultur has become an indispensable part of our cultural landscape.

-Claudia Roth, Minister for State of Culture and Media

Below is a YouTube playlist of must see acts at the festival, confirming the sentiment expressed above. It includes Dlina Volny, Metz, Anna B Savage, Edward Hunt, Tama Gucci, Kælan Mikla, L Twills, Hyd, Nuha Ruby Ra, Theodora, Warm Graves, HSRS, Lotic, Liam Mour, and Catnapp. It’s nice to see the festival featuring so many non-male identifying artists, giving a platform for equal discovery. Check the full lineup here.

Pop-Kultur Berlin on the rise

Starting in 2015, the festival is organized by the Berlin Musicboard. With its 2020 and 2021 editions, Pop-Kultur Berlin operated as a pandemic-friendly scaled down virtual event. With some major names on the 2022 lineup, the festival is coming out of lockdown bigger than ever. In this sense, it lives up to its aim of giving independent acts a stage for growth.

Pop-Kultur thrives on encounters. Although 2020 and 2021 have shown that Pop-Kultur can work great magic online, with its live events and the Nachwuchs programme, Pop-Kultur is most at home where people can listen, dance and talk together in the same venue.

-Katja Lucker, Festival Director