UK’s Sun Spot premieres a special visualiser for Mercury – providing the perfect vibe for meditation / zoning out. Reminiscent of 2010-era “chillwave” bands like Washed Out, Sun Spot uses lo-fi beats to bring back a time when sample culture was strong. Check out the video below, and read more about Sun Spot’s rapidly growing career.

Featured on BBC Music Introducing in the West, and previously performing at Rough Trade, Sun Spot are making a name for themselves in the UK. Comprised of a duo, the band draws on new wave, bedroom, pop, trip hop, and electronica. These themes carry through in Sun Spot’s music, creating an atmospheric energy. Regarding the new single, “Mercury, ” front man, Will, remarks on its relation to time distortion experienced during the pandemic.

“I think I would genuinely struggle to make sense of the last year – a lot of people would. My perception of time has just completely disappeared. So I found myself thinking about life’s big, undeniable consistencies and the notion of a planet orbiting the sun felt like a good example of that in a very abstract sense. Mercury has this very subdued, contemplative feel to it, and I like that the same energy is maintained through the lyrics.” 

When listening to the track, it’s easy to feel lost in space, and time slowly slipping away. It comes ahead of their debut EP “Clipping,” out on 3 September. Make sure to follow Sun Spot for regular updates. It’ll be interesting to see where they go, once live events are in full swing again – hopefully orbiting around the globe.