Ahead of their “Stones & Geysers” LP release in November 2021, Swiss producer Pablo Nouvelle and UK-based multi-instrumentalist, Kinnship recently dropped single Medicine on 13 August. The track, with its dream r&b vibe, is layered with punchy vocals and futuristic beats. To learn more about their process, the duo shares about creating the album, and a little of what’s to come – post pandemic. Check the interview following the single clip.

How have you remained motivated to collaborate during the past year and a half – did the production process change?

K: We actually finished the whole album just before we went into lockdown, which was very lucky. I think the album wouldn’t have sounded the way it does if we had to collaborate remotely. 

With regards to the last year and a half, aside from this project, I always find putting limitations on yourself or environment a great way of sparking new creativity, and so I’ve enjoyed the challenge of collaborating over Zoom. It certainly doesn’t flow as well as being in person, but it forces a different kind of workflow. It requires each idea to be more concrete before an idea goes back to the other collaborator.

P: In my case, i had just moved back to Zurich from London and was entering a new phase. After doing co-writing sessions almost every day in London, I focused more of producing on my own. I also used the special circumstances to switch down a gear and connect with nature and the mountains.

Are there any new ways you’ve shared performances with audiences?

K: I enjoyed doing a stripped back set over lockdown – again, the limitations force new arrangements and instrumentation. I have had more ideas for showcasing future projects that have definitely been inspired by the lack of live shows. 

P: Like probably most of us, I quickly became very disillusioned with streaming concerts. The positive thing is that we were clearly shown what is not possible. No matter how much time we spend in front of a screen, it will never be able to replace real life with all its sensations and emotions. It felt like a timeout for people to reflect on how important it is to go out, meet each other and celebrate culture. 

What should people anticipate with a live show from this work?

K: We haven’t made any concrete plans for a live show due to the pandemic, but as things open up, I’m sure we’ll get opportunities to play this album out together, and with our quirky creative ideas the live show would be a great experience!

Given the cinematic feel of your tracks, are there any unique visuals coming?

K: As we both live in different countries and therefore unable to have photos etc. together, we knew that the visual aesthetic for the album had to be very strong and distinctive. We worked with graphic designer Hellopaul to create short animations for each track, that feature an orange door that represents a sort of portal to another world, through the escape of nature. 

P: We’ve also just shot a video for the album’s title song „Stones & Geysers“. It’s a one-shot featuring an incredible performance by the English ballet dancer William Moore.

Is there anything this collaboration has inspired in your individual creative projects?

K: Definitely! I’ve learnt a lot from working with Pablo, especially his great attention to detail in his production. When working together, he added little flourishes and switched up drum patterns very subtly that give a very organic feel to the music.