If you’re making your way to Hamburg for the annual Reeperbahn Music Festival, you’ll want to scope the 15 acts found below. Click through Cement Magazine’s included YouTube playlist to discover what’s in store.

In addition, the city is back in full swing and there’s a bunch of other things to do and see. Here’s what’s on during the festival:

Of course, live music is the main event. Check out Cement Magazine’s selections (in alphabetical order) with set times to plan your diary following the YouTube clip.

Albertine Sarges

Kreuzberg (Berlin) native, Albertine Sarges brings her quirky post-punk style to the stage with 2021 debut album “The Sticky Fingers” (out via Moshi Moshi). Not to mention, Rolling Stone (DE) has already declared her the next Angela Merkel.

  • Friday, 24.09, 18:45
  • Saturday, 25.09, 19:30 & 21:05

All We Are

As DIY Magazine calls it, All We Are’s style is 80’s revivalist. With a Norwegian bassist, Brazilian guitarist, and Irish drummer, the vibes should be eclectic while dancing to tracks from “Providence” (out via Domino Records).

  • Saturday, 25.09, 22:10


Catching attention from the discerning Colors Studios, anaiis’ vocal ability is full of energy. Her 2021 debut album “this is no longer a dream” (self-released via Dream Sequence Recordings) is described as a healing journey by The Fader. There’s really no comparison for what she has in store for the world.

  • Wednesday, 22.09, 18:45

Casper Clausen

Efterklang frontman, Casper Clausen, who collaborated with Brussels venue Ancienne Belgique to create a special experience for solo album, “Better Way” (out via City Slang), is offering up the unique performance one last time at Reeperbahn.

  • Saturday, 25.09, 22:10


Blowing up the French speaking world, Glauque is a Belgian hip hop outfit. Interlaced with deep electronic beats, their sound succeeds at moving between genres. Hear reworks of “Plane” and “Robot” on their 2020 “Réécriture” EP.

  • Thursday, 23.09, 18:30

Juno Francis

Popping off with single, “Queen’s Anthem,” Juno Francis weaves together synth inspired melodies inspired by decades past. As Grungecake puts it, the Swedish act will take you on a journey through space. Get into Juno Francis with 2020 EP “Oyster Love,” and all their singles on Spotify.

  • Saturday, 25.09, 22:15


Italian DJ and producer, Latteo spins summery beach vibes with 2021 singles “I am I,” “Syrio,” among others found on his Spotify. To really get the party started, add Latteo’s remix of “I Feel Love” (Donna Summer) to your heavy rotation.

  • Thursday, 23.09, 22:00

Lie Ning

Appearing on Maya Jane Coles’ upcoming album “Night Creature,” Lie Ning combines deep husky vocals with light, fluttering beats. Garnering over 2 million plays for 2019 single “tonight,” Ning’s global spirit of unity is bound for worldwide success.

  • Thursday, 23.09, 22:45
  • Saturday, 25.09, 22:15

Millie Turner

In addition to tearing it up on TikTok with stripped down acoustic renditions, UK artist Millie Turner is wasting no time writing powerful tunes. Her 2021 album, “Eye of the Storm,” includes the title track with nearly 1 million plays. Impressive, especially since she’s just getting started.

  • Saturday, 25.09, 20:20

Mind Enterprises

With remixes from Breakbot and Purple Disco Machine, and a collaboration with Moss Kena & The Knocks, Italo-disco project Mind Enterprises crafts beats bound to make you sweat. Step back into the 80’s with Mind Enterprises’ singles like “Idol.”

  • Saturday, 25.09, 21:45

Red Moon

Having just released EP, “Phase 2:22,” (out via Universal Music) Norwegian-Swiss artist Red Moon is bringing fresh tunes to Reeperbahn. As Flaunt Magazine puts it, her songs are smooth, cinematic, and packed with emotion.

  • Thursday, 23.09, 22:30


Labeled dream-pop by Wonderland Magazine, THALA’s recently dropped album “adolescence” (out via Born Losers) is channeling Stevie Nicks. Chill out to sun kissed guitar melodies while soaking in the latest from THALA.

  • Thursday, 23.09, 20:30
  • Saturday, 25.09, 18:45

The Hanged Man

On the scene since 2014 with debut EP, “First Quarter Moon,” Swedish group The Hanged Man’s latest 2020 release, “As the Tower Fell,” (out via Dubious Records) moves between psychedelic and dark drone-inspired beats. Their live show is sure to be a full on sonic experience.

  • Thursday, 23.09, 16:15
  • Friday, 24.09, 21:45


Arguably one of the biggest acts at Reeperbahn 2021, Weval’s 2019 release “The Weight,” (out via Kompakt) includes UK Music Video Award nominated track, “Someday.” Critically-acclaimed, Weval’s attention to detail allows them to shape shift and transcend electronic boundaries.

  • Thursday, 23.09, 16:45
  • Friday, 24.09, 21:30
  • Saturday, 25.09, 22:10


German group WEZN comes through with vocals reminiscent of Florence and the Machine. Although they haven’t yet released an EP or album, they’re deserving of a spot with impressive single drops.

  • Wednesday, 22.09, 19:00

Cover Image: Lie Ning / Isabel Hayn