Reconfiguring and reimagining its industrial Vilvoorde, Belgium location, Horst Arts & Music offers a social distance friendly solution for discerning audiences and performers. With a restaurant club, sleeping concerts, and 8-day multi-thematic lab, the “Almost Together” edition becomes a space for collaboration and thoughtful engagement. Kicking off 17 July, and running through 30 August, featured DJ’s include DTM Funk, Kiosk Radio, and Lefto.

Experimental sleeping concerts

The most unique aspect of Horst’s “Almost Together” is its sleeping concerts. Enchanting guests with ambient, experimental music, DJ’s and artists Zeta Lys, Roméo Poirier, Far Beyond Quit, Islas, Weird Dust, and Lieven Martens will create tranquil, dreamy soundscapes under the night sky. Upon awakening, everyone comes together for a communal breakfast. With enough room to social distance, Horst provides a rare moment to share extended time with new friends.

Co-creation with Horst Lab

Running from 1-9 August 2020, selected individuals can partake in a multi-thematic lab. Covering architecture, music, and art, this follow-up from the 2019 Horst Lab brings together 75 international young creatives across all disciplines. Facilitators and leaders include Leopold Banchini architects (Geneva), BC Architects (Brussels), De Forrest Brown Jr / Make Techno Black Again (New York), Mat Schulz / Unsound (Poland), Carin Abdulá / Outer Agency (UK), Gabriel Szatan / Freelance Journalist (UK), Nadine Artois / Pxssy Palace, Lesbiennale (London), Claire Bishop / CUNY (New York), Diana Campbell Betancourt / Samdani Art Foundation, Dhaka Art Summit (Bangladesh), and Britta Peters / Urbane Künste Ruhr (Germany)

Festival – to be determined

Although “Almost Together” isn’t a full fledged festival, as Horst Arts & Music hosted last year – it’s an incredible solution for the constraints created by the coronavirus pandemic. Offering more intentional, intimate experiences, this year’s event promises to deliver an immersive universe. As it’s not yet determined if the festival can occur, “Almost Together” is the next best thing – and could be even better.