With Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Couleur Café, and Dour postponing their regular events until next festival season, they’ve teamed up with Studio Brussels to produce unique content for Belgian Festivals Run. Available through the My Trace app from 17-20 June 2021, participants receive exclusive playlists while running along a custom route. There’ll also be special interviews (available only in Dutch) from Studio Brussels.

Not only does it provide a good excuse to exercise, you’ll support the LIVE2020 solidarity fund. To reserve your spot, check out Belgian Festivals Run 2021 on letsmove. Tickets are €15 and all proceeds to go the Belgian cultural scene – heavily impacted during the pandemic.

There are people in our sector who could not do their job for a year and a half, who are going through very difficult times financially. The damage suffered will be felt for years to come

Coralie Berael, LIVE2020

Live events slowly returning

It goes without saying this festival season isn’t like any other. Planning events during this time is quite challenging for festival organisers. Events like Couleur Café and Dour are completely cancelled for 2021, and others like Rock Werchter will run reduced capacity editions (Werchter Parklife). Pukkelpop hopes to organise something for late August/September (to be determined). This is why an initiative like Belgian Festivals Run is so necessary. It definitely won’t be the same as dancing in a large crowd, but will certainly get the blood flowing. Here’s to hoping things return to normal next year.

My Trace app

Hosted on the My Trace app, the Belgian Festivals Run is available anywhere with mobile phone service. There’s also a host of runs from all over the world. Additionally, you can compete with friends to see who’s the most fit. When finished with the Belgian Festivals Run, share your progress and plan a celebration. You’ll need it!