After living together and throwing parties in Moscow, LOVE OBJECT’s Danya Mu and Dasha Utchka went from DJ’ing to creating brooding synth melodies. Explored on their debut album, “New Flesh,” LOVE OBJECT’s music is meant to fuse with the listeners body – creating a trance. With Italians Do it Better backing the duo, their style matches the label’s dark, cinematic aesthetic – with some special tricks up their sleeve. This includes Dasha’s punchy Russian lyrics. Check out the album below, and learn more about LOVE OBJECT and the Moscow scene in a Q&A with Dasha.

How did you two initially meet, and when did the idea for moving from DJ’ing to a band happen?

Danya was a best friend of my ex. We met on the day when my ex, Danya, and I all moved into a rented flat. The three of us had lived together for three years, but now it’s just the two of us (without my ex). During that time we made a lot of parties as a promo group, among other things.

Danya suggested to me multiple times that I make music with him, but I was too depressed and didn’t have any inspiration. Then one day, the inspiration came back and we started to work on LOVE OBJECT.

What made you want to re-work Madonna’s “Frozen” for the Italians Do It Better compilation?

It’s just my favourite track of Madonna. I like the video as well – it’s so stylish. And also we like to make music that has cold sound – so it was just something natural to make “Frozen” really frozen.

After spending so much time in Moscow nightlife, which spots/parties are your favourite for discovering new music?

It’s not an easy question. Since the city is so rich with different kinds of parties, it’s not always simple to find one that fits your heart. For discovering new music, the old and trustworthy Powerhouse comes to mind. The club is really open to all new talents, and always helps with promotion, connections, and parties. We hosted some events ourselves there too. Powerhouse is now over 8 years old, and that is impressive for a place in Moscow. Regarding other places, there’s a broad spectrum of spaces for any taste. The Blanc hosts Raduga (Rainbow) LGBTQ+ friendly disco club events, which are special and creative. There is also the large main techno club venue in the city called Mutabor. Beyond techno, there’s our friends venue, Private Persons, which hosted our album release party. We also do innovative and artistic parties ourselves called Komitet. We usually choose a new location each time.

In what way does “New Flesh” carry the concept of mind & control?

I think it’s the sound. I was always fascinated by how the raw energy of vintage synth could affect your body and mind. It’s like little ropes that incorporate in your body, they make you loose control, they put you in a trance. You can “show” any kind of “film”, using that sounds. As for us it’s an exercise and a test of our ability to project the vision and communicate.

Are there any other DJ’s/bands worth checking out from Moscow right now?

There surely are. Everybody is talking already about Shortparis. I wasn’t a fan until recent album that shifted me towards liking, especially the title song for the album. I also like the group called Out with their song called Exit. Actually there are a lot great bands in Russia I’m too afraid to pick some that will diminish the others….