One of the largest alternative music festivals in Europe, Dour, kicked off with over 220 artists from 11-17 July 2022. It offers an eclectic mix of French hip hop, house music, DJ’s, indie rock, and more. Highlights include Inner City, Dorian Electra, The Blessed Madonna, Metronomy, Angèle, and Loyle Carner. With the festival being based in Belgium, there’s also a lot of local talent to discover. See a full list of selected acts below via a YouTube playlist.

Introducing Dour Festival CampFest

This year, Dour Festival introduced CampFest to help kick off things early. With a focus on under the radar acts, and interactive day programming, it allowed attendees to vibe all week.

We want to bring our audience together. Reunite with the regulars of the festival and welcome new festival-goers…There was a strong demand from festival-goers for the doors of the campsite to be
opened earlier. This is how CampFest was born.

Damien Dufrense, Dour

Like most festivals this year, Dour is going harder than ever to make up for lost time while trying to restore some normalcy. If there’s anything the last 2 years taught us, it’s that nothing is permanent. It’s time to make the most of the parties available.

Focus on sustainability

With live events, including festivals, becoming more conscious about the environment, Dour is offering provoking debates. These discussions take place in a space called the Square, and hope that attendees will consider their impact. While it’s good to be carefree while partying, there’s work to do in reducing waste.

We continue to find solutions to minimise our carbon footprint. In total, after recovering thousands of m2 of floors, we manufactured 12 box containers (made from 80% reusable materials) which
will be placed on the site, then made available to other festivals. We also decided to reuse the 2019 tarpaulins – even those that were tagged.

Damien Dufrense, Dour

Dour Festival is showing that it’s committed to leading sustainability for audiences to follow.

Cover photo credit: Guillaume Deneubourg