Raised on Prince, and inspired by early 2000s artists like Christina Aguilera, JLo, and Mya, HARLOE’s style returns to a time when music portrayed strong, independent females – “Bug a Boo,” “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!),” “Independent Woman, Pt.1” – to name a few. This carries through with her “boss bitch” message, which is all about feeling confident in your own skin. On her latest single, “PWR RNGR,” HARLOE brings the hip hop vibes with Chicago rapper, Mick Jenkins. Check it out in the latest video directed by Tyler Cunningham below, followed by a special interview.

You mention being inspired by your parents’ albums, are there any Ukranian/Romanian artists worth checking out?

I was mostly inspired by the music they showed me like Michael Jackson, Prince and more US artists, but I’ve learned about and written with Romanian artists like Smiley Omul and he is amazing.

The early 2000s references really come through with PWR RNGR and Liquid Truth, any plans for collaborating with your idols from that era?

Now that would be MIND BLOWING! There are some really special collabs in the works right now with some idols, and hopefully more to come!

Your songwriting / co-production credits are impressive (Charli XCX, Sabrina Claudio, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, among others). Have you carried through elements from any of these artists into your own songs?

I for sure have. I’ve picked up feels and vibes along the way and sonically have shaped myself based on all those experiences.  I remember working with Sabrina Claudio and how she brought a new approach to songwriting for me, because we wrote a song based off of a poem I had, and it opened a new way of thinking for me!

The boss bitch message is great, any advice to rising acts to carve a name for themselves?

I think being the most genuine and not overthinking yourself is the best thing. Always good to be sure of yourself and follow through with that! Honesty always comes through.

What’re some of your favorite parties to get inspired?

I’m assuming that means artists! Speaking of parties, I LOVE Party Next Door. I’m really into Snoh Aalegra right now, and I love Remi Wolf and her ICONIC energy!