Throughout the years, the Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) Music Festival in Groningen, NL has jumpstarted the careers of many dynamic successful artists. Some of these include Dua Lipa, Altin Gün, Wet Leg, Ellie Goulding, The XX, and The Haunted Youth.

The 2024 edition from 17-20 January promises to live up to ESNS’s namesake with an incredible range of the best Europe has to offer. Underscoring this is its exchange programme, which turns 20 this year. Further acknowledging such talent is the Music Moves Europe (MME) Talent Awards, putting 15 nominees in the spotlight. The Music Moves Europe Awards Ceremony will be presented by radio host Fernando Halman and Italian singer and last year’s MME Awards winner Sans Soucis.

As pictured in the cover photo, Ukrainian artist Jerry Heil won the 2023 Public Choice Award. They will participate in this year’s jury to select among the following artists. Bulgarian Cartrader (Bulgaria), Fran Vasilić (Croatia), Giift (Denmark), Pearly Drops (Finland), Zaho de Sagazan (France), ClockClock (Germany), Arny Margret (Iceland), yunè pinku (Ireland), Tramhaus (Netherlands), Ash Olsen (Norway), Berry Galazka (Poland), Ana Lua Caiano (Portugal), freekind. (Slovenia), Ralphie Choo (Spain), waterbaby (Sweden).

To get fully immersed in the festival, check recommendations for each day below.


  • ML, 19:30-20:10, MAAS
  • Bo Milli, 20:10-20:50, Simplon
  • BEX, 20:50-21:30, Mutua Fides
  • Honesty, 21:30-22:10, VERA
  • CMAT, 22:10-22:50, Stadsschouwburg
  • Mickael Karkousse (GOOSE), 22:50-23:30, Simplon
  • Stuzzi, 23:30-00:10, Grand Theatre
  • Mihail, 00:10-00:50, Forum
  • Sierra, 00:50-01:30, Mutua Fides
  • Promis3, 01:30-02:10, Forum


  • Lucie Antunes, 19:30-20:10, Grand Theatre
  • Moonstone, 20:10-20:50, De Machinefabriek
  • Laura Masotto, 21:30-22:10, Grand Theatre
  • Loverman, 22:50-23:30, Lutherse Kerk
  • Julie Pavon, 00:10-00:50, Forum
  • Zamilska, 00:50-01:30, Simplon
  • Lambrini Girls, 01:30-02:10, MAAS


  • UTO, 20:10-20:50, Simplon
  • Wacław Zimpel, 20:50-21:30, Der AA
  • W!ZARD, 21:30-22:10, VERA
  • Dlina Volny, 22:10-22:50, All Around
  • Nusantara Beat, 22:50-23:30, MAAS
  • Jann, 23:30-00:10, Stadsschouwburg
  • Das Body, 00:10-00:50, De Machinefabriek
  • Psycho Weasel, 00:50-01:30, Grand Theatre
  • NZE NZE, 01:30-02:10, VERA


  • Froujke, 21:30-22:15, Oosterpoort
  • ISHA, 22:15-23:00, Oosterpoort
  • THAMES, 22:15-22:25, Oosterpoort
  • Pol, 23:00-23:45, Oosterpoort
  • Yīn Yīn, 00:00-00:45, Oosterpoort

ESNS 2024 focuses on Poland

This year Poland will be the focus country taking centre stage in close collaboration with Music Export Poland. Artists from Poland include Berry Galazka, who is a Music Moves Europe awards Nominee, Artificialice, Ciśnienie, Franek Warzywa & Młody Budda, Klawo, Immortal Onion, Izzy and the Black Trees, LASY, Moonstone, Wacław Zimpel and Zamilska.