UK-based trio, Daughter, released their second full length album, “Not to Disappear” via Glassnote and 4AD today. Hearing lead singer, Elena Tonra’s heavy vocals leaves the listener with a sense of emptiness and isolation. However, the record’s cinematic quality feels warm and captivating. The immersive experience is like hearing a combination of The xx, Blonde Redhead, Warpaint, and some of Foals’ sharp guitar punches.

“She and bandmates Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella are experts at crafting a cold sonic landscape that’s equal parts lush and sterile, inviting and terrifying. Maybe the scariest part is that stepping over the threshold and entering their dark world is so easy; Tonra’s gentle voice is one that would be equally well suited to lullabies.” – Consequence of Sound.

Daughter’s dynamic quality of mixing Tondra’s somber tone with fast guitar riffs and drum beats shines in tracks like “Fossa” and “Numbers.” On the opposite end of the spectrum, “Made of Stone,” is a bit more of an semiconscious ballad, relying on spaced out instrumentals from guitarist, Igor Haefeli to carry it through.

“A wintry kind of misery is what Daughter do best, though, and that icy sound whips throughout the record, Igor Haefeli’s guitar melodies as smooth and cold as glaciers.” – NME

“Not to Disappear” is a beautiful reminder that sound is a transportive sense. Daughter turns feeling numb and alone into a destination. Isolation has never seemed so attractive, and there’s an internal tugging at opposite ends while taking it all in.

“It’s not so much sidestepped the perils of the second album as trampled them, taking the sound that won the band all those packed festival tents and driving it forward, matted and bloodied like Miles Teller at the end of Whiplash, no longer weeping and withdrawn but pulsing and alive. And it’s genuinely exciting to hear.” – Drowned in Sound