In an abandoned military site north of Brussels, Horst attendees are met with a diverse mixture of musicians & visual / architectural artworks. Among these performers are Detroit legend and headliner, Jeff Mills, Shock Value (NYC) founder, Julia Huxtable, and VK Concerts booker, Rrita Jashari. Additionally, with 70 confirmed artists on display from 10-12 September, 2021’s Horst promises to be its most ambitious. If this interests you, make sure to secure tickets, here. Also, read more about the highlighted performers below.

 The programme offers an eclectic and diverse spectrum of sounds and vibes. It includes…gifted humans that have been working on their careers with values and artistic integrity presiding over a spot in the limelight. 

Jeff Mills

This American techno pioneer and founding member of the Underground Resistance’s contributions to the scene span over 30 years. With this, Horst provides a rare opportunity to experience Jeff Mill’s spirit and energy in such an intimate setting. He’s also live scored films with Cinemix, like with “Berlin: Die Sinfonie Der Großstadt.” You can learn more about that process in the following Telekom Elektronic Beats interview.

Juliana Huxtable

House of Ladosha member, and Shock Value founder, Juliana Huxtable’s academic and artistic contributions to societal change make her a force to be reckoned with. She also appeared in the video for “My Offence” from Hercules & Love Affair / Andy Butler (Ghent). As you can see, Huxtable’s bold presence is absolutely infectious. Make sure to bask in her greatness at Horst.

Rrita Jashari

Kosovo born Rrita Jashari is a DJ who embodies Brussels’ unique cultural mixture. In addition to booking acts at VK Concerts in Molenbeek, she’s a founding member of 54KOLAKTIV and 54 Sound, a Jamaican inspired sound system. With Rrita, there’s no knowing what to expect. She blends and moves with the energy of the crowd. Therefore, prepare to be surprised.