Seemingly conceived in a 90’s pastel-infused disco pop frenzy, “Tilt” from Australian band, Confidence Man, comes packed with bursts of vibrant energy. The album, infused with echoing vocals reminiscent of Crystal Waters and pacing fit for Dee-Lite, offers a contemporary approach. With its bold, declarative statements, it’s here for the taking (and dancing). The opening track sets the tone with this statement, “this is my house…the house that I built with my own two hands (treat me like a woman).” Check out “Tilt” below and feel the empowerment the group serves.

Take a Holiday with Confidence Man

Ahead of the release, the group released a video for single, “Holiday.” It’s a full blown beach pop ready for your summer playlist. Climb high in the sky while getting into Confidence Man’s carefree vibe with the following clip.

Tilt’s message to never stop dancing

Comprised of Janet Planet (Grace Stephenson), Sugar Bones, Clarence McGuffie, and Reggie Goodchild, Confidence Man debuted in 2018. Their first album, “Confident Music for Confident People,” received an AIR award in 2019. While the 2018 release was bit more tongue in cheek, “Tilt” is their take on a full blown dance album. Either way, the group reminds listeners to keep having fun even when getting a serious point across.

On its follow-up, ‘TILT’, the Brisbane electro-poppers are still anything but subtle. The beats are still blaring, the grooves immediate and direct. Most of the songs are still about partying and fucking. Nevertheless, it’s a decidedly different experience to its predecessor. It’s less silly but more assured, happy to let pumping ’90s-indebted rave instrumentals take centre stage as often as Planet and Bones’ storytelling.


The takeaway from the album is to be empowered no matter what you’re working towards. Do it with confidence, and the rest will follow.