After releasing her debut album, “adolescence,” Berlin-based artist THALA covered Current Joys’ “Rebecca.” This collab created a friendship between the artists, and she opened for Current Joys with a special solo performance at LIDO. The show was THALA’s first since Reeperbahn 2021, and carried a special, intimate energy. With the vocal range represented on stage, and a hint at a new musical direction, it seems there’s some tricks up her sleeve. Check out “Rebecca” below, followed by a Q&A with THALA.

As a Berliner, were there any local artists who made an impact on your music career + favourite undiscovered acts from the scene?

I can’t say so, no. I was and am to this day heavily influenced by UK and US artists.

When covering the Current Joys track, “Rebecca,” did any collaborations result (or plans to work together in the future)?

Well, Current Joys asked me if I wanted to cover his song so I suppose that was a collab in itself. We’re pals now and yeah would love to tour with him aka them again soon!

You mentioned working on material that’s a departure from your traditional style, can you elaborate? Do you have any finished songs to share?

I am currently working on new music. It is still all THALA just a little less shoegaze if one can say that – but I guess you’ll find out sooner or later. I wanna take my time and work with the right people to have new music released. But yes there is loads coming.

How did your stage presence change when performing solo, as opposed to with a band?

I enjoy both equally the same tbh. I come from playing open mics and busking – which was always done alone. But playing with a band is amazing. The energy it brings mesmerizes me again and again.

Anything else to share about what’s next for THALA? 

At the moment I am highly concentrated on producing more music, writing more songs and yeah just have fun doing it.