This year’s Melt Festival at Ferropolis, Germany from 9-12 June offers up a dynamic, diverse lineup with a well-selected list of live acts and DJs. To get in the festival spirit, here’s some top picks for each day. Also, in preparation of the event, there’s a bit about remaining globally conscious at the festival.

Highlighted artists include Arlo Parks, Little Simz, Sega Bodega, Poté, Yves Tumor, Leon Vyenhall, Caroline Polachek, Peggy Gou, Yousef Kekhia, and UNIIQ3. With strong beats tying it all together, the theming of Melt! Festival highlights forward-thinking individuals.

Going green at Melt Festival

In an effort to combat camping waste, like people leaving tents behind, Melt offers options for going green. The most affordable is Utopia Camping‘s unique solution. Proving tent, sleeping bag, and accessories on site, this independent company partners with festivals like Melt, Splash, and Boom. With everything already waiting for you, there’s no need to lug this equipment on the train.

To further incentivise green camping, Melt has a special area for those considering their environmental impact. Additionally, the festival encourages train travel by offering bus shuttles from Dessau and Gräfenhainichen.

Weekend playlist

The following playlist provides a lineup of must see acts at Melt Festival, make sure to favourite them in your app. With this starting point, the rest is up for you to explore and discover. In fact, there’s over 250 artists to experience.

Celebrating 25 years

This year’s Melt Festival celebrates 25 years of experimental energy, making it one of Germany’s longest running outdoor events. With 11 stages to choose from, and other programming, there’s enough to keep participants busy all weekend long. It’s a perfect moment to celebrate an end of restrictions and break free all night long. A result of two years in the making, Melt’s free thinking energy is ready to revitalise audiences.