Overlapping with Berlin Art Week, and running from 7-17 September 2023, Berlin Atonal celebrates 10 years since re-launching with two weekends at Kraftwerk, Tresor, Globus, and Ohm. The 2023 edition is special for how it sets the tone for future programming, both at Berlin Atonal and beyond. Throughout the festival, live performances, DJ sets, art, and workshops come together. It transforms these spaces into centers for groundbreaking experimental art.

Two weekends of premieres at Berlin Atonal

With a diverse lineup on 7-9 and 15-17 September, the dense, thought provoking timetable includes premieres like Zebra Katz’s European debut of Less is Moor. In addition, Laurel Halo shows her live show for the first time. There are also world premieres from Venus Ex Machina and Peder Mannerfelt’s “aasthma,” as well as Loraine James and Nkisi. These are just on the first weekend alone. Following these, second weekend attendees can expect to see first performances from Persher, and “Paith” from Blackhaine.

Additional programming

Aside from the impressive lineup of performances, there is an art exhibition, titled “Universal Metabolism,” workshops, and afterparties. The former features a sound installation by Rabon Aibo, as well as a musical composition from Ain Bailey, titled “Trioesque.” Throughout the exhibition’s four days, from 11-14 September, a hanging fabric installation from Mire Lee features liquid clay that becomes absorbed into ripped fabrics. The result is a misty otherworldly experience, provoking questions about technology and decay. Also, Romeo Castellucci’s video “The Third Reich” premieres at Berlin Atonal.

Regarding workshops, Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten and hackedepicciotto hosts a workshop on drone composition on 12 September. Also, a pop-up track clinic session occurs where attendees can receive feedback from DJ, producer, and label owner Mor Elian and Artist Relations Director Boris Kümmerer from Neumann. In addition, Ableton will run an event with Shapednoise on 13 September to discuss hearing health. As part of their Loop Session events, attendees can receive a custom pair of ear protection from Hearing Berlin at a discount.


As mentioned, there’s afterparties throughout the week. These take place on 13 and 14 September, and celebrate “Universal Metabolism.” On the 13th, Tresor and Globus hosts Ash Luk, CCL, Chloe Lula, IreenAmnes, Nadia Struiwigh, Nandele, Orson b2b DJ Hops and Kiernan Laveaux. The next day, Anthony Linell + Jessie Granqvist, Arthur, E-Sagilla, Evigt Mörker, Fadi Mohem, Lundin Oil, Struktur and Vallmo perform at Tresor. Of course, at the end of the festival, the party continues at Ohm until 6AM on 17 September.