In its first ever summer edition, MENT Ljubljana expands to a full 9 days from 3-11 June 2021. Bringing together artists from Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Poland, the live festival will take place at Kino Šiška, Švicarija, and the City Museum of Ljubljana. Below is a list of top 5 picks from the eclectic programming.


Born in Genova, this Italian artist creates experimental electronic sounds, and produces music for Netflix and Amazon Prime. With an air of tension, Nervi’s solo work explores the human condition in individualistic societies. You can read more about this in a Crack Magazine review of her single, “Gaslighting,” featured on Nervi’s recently released Klastós EP.


If their 2017 Berlin Modular performance is anything to go by, it’s worth checking out Laser Bros 2-D audiovisual projections. Comprised of Berhnard Rasinger and Václav Peloušek, Laser Bros uses an analog modular synth to match audio waveforms and laser beams. Experience how drone beats and light projections become interconnected.


Found on Slovenian electronic soundscape label, Chilli Space, “Krenaslov” is just a small teaser of Miroki’i’s meditative style. Reflect upon what lies ahead while submerging in ambient sounds. Free up mental space to enjoy the many parties to come.


Involving footwork and jungle, the Slovenian producer, Nice Trick didn’t let the pandemic slow him down. His debut “For My Friends” was released in 2020, creating momentum for letting it all go in front of a live crowd. Nice Trick’s style moves away from disco, house, and industrial techno, and is part of a new generation of electronic artists.


Slovenian party legend, NITZ will release a special compilation, Senzorama, at MENT during a two-hour DJ set. It’ll be a great way to kick off the club scene coming back after over a year in hibernation and solitude. Get ready to move.