Momofuku, popularized by their inaugural New York City ramen restaurant, Noodle Bar, and sister creation, Milk Bar – serving indulgent sweets like cereal milk ice cream and compost cookies, recently opened Nishi, a Korean food destination with Italian influences at 232 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, NYC. One of the most prominent examples on the menu of this cultural blend is the Clams Grand Lisboa. Already a crowd favorite, the dish is loosely based on Linguine con le Vongole, and uses lo mein noodles (instead of linguine).

“…we ordered it immediately. Titled with the Korean word “myun,” which means noodles, it came from the pasta section and consisted of a bowl of lo mein surmounted by five clams dabbed with an herby green sauce. Some of the noodles were soft, others had been fried to a dark-brown crispness. This dish was supremely delicious…” – Eater

To do away with a staff dependent on tips to make a realistic wage, Nishi is part of a growing list of NYC restaurants and features all-inclusive pricing. David Chang, chef, speaks to this in Lucky Peach Magazine, “The real cost of selling food is not accurately reflecting the labor that’s going into it. In 2000, I got paid maybe $10 an hour. Inflation has definitely risen, but cooks’ wages haven’t. That’s one of our biggest issues. We want to be able to grow as a company so we can provide for more people. This is a way we might be able to do that. And if it doesn’t work, we can always go back to the old way.”

While that means a higher price point, the restaurant promises fresh ingredients and a unique dining experience. Momofuku Nishi is open for dinner from Tuesday-Saturday from 18h-23h.