Julia Sinelnikova’s delicate, organically inspired installations are an extension of her ORACLE brand and lifestyle. As a creative director/producer heavily integrated in the electronic music scene, she develops interactive settings for musicians and parties like Machinedrum, Aurora Halal, Collapsing Scenery, Lee Burridge, Rinsed, Teklife, and Factory Girls, and participated in a residency curated and led by MUTEK’s Patti Schmidt at the Banff Centre. This cross-pollination is often a difficult balance, but Sinelnikova’s insight and approach naturally finds it.

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Currently represented by Vector Gallery and a resident of Governor’s Island in NYC, Sinelnikova has a few projects in the works. The Center for Holographic Arts (Holocenter) will display one of her installations from 3 September 2016 – 25 September 2016 on Governor’s Island. On 30 September 2016, Sinelnikova has a performance booked as THE ORACLE at allerArt Bludenz Art Center in Austria. Previous institutions to showcase her pieces include the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, The Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, Finland’s Oulu Museum of Art, Pace University, and Wallplay/The Hole Gallery.


Sinelnikova’s exceptionally precise craft allows her to create everything by hand and produce a machine polished look. Known for otherworldly sculptures made from cut holograms, her work possesses an organic, airy element. Even when she develops large-scale installations, the finished products don’t feel heavy and overwhelming. One example is with Sinelnikova’s “Data Log” Interactive Light Sculpture, a structure that utilizes projection mapping hand coded in MaxMSP. Wooden frames, which disappear into the background, are used to hold screens in place, leaving the experience in focus. Sinelnikova is a master illusionist aiming to create a new universe.


“There’s always a unifying aesthetic; a tech-driven fantasy world of metallics and holograms. It’s an immersive vision, like synthetic fairy wings that glow and shimmer. Her work thrives at music events as well as in gallery settings.” – Creators Project / VICE