Although,”Moth,” is Chairlift’s most “pop” inspired album, front-woman Caroline Polachek’s distinct punchy vocals keeps the duo’s musical brand consistent. With tracks like electro-heavy “Moth to the Flame,” and slightly hip-hop “Ch-Ching,” “Moth” might be the first dance-club release from Chairlift. Keeping the band’s rock element in check is bandmate Patrick Wimberly’s guitar work. Best represented in “Polymorphing,” he provides balance and weighs down Polachek’s floating vocals.

The new direction makes sense considering Polachek wrote and co-produced Beyoncé’s “No Angel.” There’s mixtures of hip-hop, r&b, jazz, Afrobeat, and opera inspired high notes mixed throughout the album. The record is an evolutionary statement, showing how an artist can grow without completely alienating longtime fans. In addition to not being totally genre-specific, it doesn’t have a particular “decade” feel, there’s some 80s, 90s, and early 00s bits all mixed together.

“Their first album in four years, Moth stands as their best chance of breaking out of the realm of “critical darlings” without making any concessions to their approach…While Chairlift refine their approach on Moth, they don’t veer wildly from what listeners have come to expect. If anything, they have more of a bounce in their step…” – Consequence of Sound

“It’s a mature, assertive statement from a woman who recognizes her problems and commands respect in spite (or because) or them…Polachek’s romantic bravery is a manifestation of the band’s newfound confidence. When you’re open to possibility, there’s a chance you end up dabbing at your tears on the subway, but there’s also a chance you end up drunk in love and screaming it from the rooftops.” – The Verge

“On Moth, Polachek and her bandmate Patrick Wimberly aim to embrace this too-muchness, expanding their sound and opening themselves up, and the result is the indie pop band’s most emotionally generous and consistent effort yet.” – Pitchfork