Through her S*HEROES exhibition, Berlin gallerist, Anahita Sadighi of Anahita Arts of Asia & Anahita Contemporary, prominently features works by female artists. Showcasing handwoven textiles from Persian nomadic cultures, the galleries highlight how traditional patterns remain relevant. Emphasising this notion, the viewing experience places contemporary pieces alongside ancient works. It’s easy to see the timelessness of these works within the show’s context. Embodying past & present, Stella Meris created a one of a kind painting specifically for S*HEROES (below).

Installation View S*HEROES with Stella Meris’ work Flesh Flashes

A reflection on tradition

A striking representation of one of the show’s themes, Amalia Valdés Inside Outside (2019) is arranged with traditional textiles (below). This alignment makes clear that the medium is what makes Valdes’ work contemporary, and not the pattern itself. Therefore, it’s a testament to the painstaking labour by the nomadic women celebrated in the exhibition. In this vein, S*HEROES elevates hard work and attention to detail, while breathing in new life.

Installation View S*HEROES with works from Amalia Valdés and ancient persian nomadic textiles from the Neiriz Collection

Visual dialogue with male artists

Included in the exhibition’s over 20 artists are works by men. One of which is Dieter Detzner. With its weight and distinction, his large piece Joachim (2008) is formed with an intriguing reflective shade of green (found below). Since this colour is the Iranian symbol of luck, it brings additional meaning into the show. Much like this work, S*HEROES utilises symbolism to share otherwise forgotten narratives. It’s worth spending some time at Anahita Arts of Asia & Anahita Contemporary to become fully immersed in its discovery process.

Installation View S*HEROES with works from Dieter Detzner, Yumna Al-Arashi and ancient persian nomadic textiles from the Neiriz Collection 

S*HEROES & Anahita Sadighi

Running from 4 December 2021 – 28 February 2022, S*HEROES represents works from Sepideh Ahadi, Yumna Al-Arashi, Pablo Alonso, Hesam Ayat, Nina Lamiel Bruchhaus, Dieter Detzner, Frank Jimin Hopp, Rebecca Pokua Korang, Kalpesh Lathigra, Stella Meris, Tahmineh Monzavi, pantea & momo zeli, Roxana Sadighi, Yotam Shwartz, Studio Jeschkelanger, Laure d’Utruy, Amalia Valdés, Christoph Wieland, Yalda Yazdani, and Wenxin Zheng.

The exhibition is an experimental attempt to transcend boundaries of the current art market, while creating a counter-design to classical and contemporary exhibitions. This curatorial approach intends to provide new stimuli within the German art scene. It aims to bring underrepresented chapters of cultural history more into the public consciousness through an innovative exhibition concept.

Both Anahita Arts of Asia & Anahita Contemporary are run by gallerist Anahita Sadighi, the great-granddaughter of a Persian nomadic prince. S*HEROES allows Sadighi to reconnect with her roots.