Nick Leng delivers a solid summertime chill soundtrack with his latest EP, “Drivers,” which dropped today. The lo-fi elements are very reminiscent of the early 2000’s chillwave era – a time when artists like Wild Nothing dominated the scene. Leng is a classically trained pianist, attributing to a near-perfect, polished quality of the EP. Not much can be found online about the fairly new musician, but he what he’s put out so far is pretty magnetic.

Have a listen to “Drivers” below via Spotify.

“The washed out, driving piano hints at his classical leanings with sustained synths readying for the elements to come. Leng opens with “The storm is rolling in/ Screaming when you whisper” building anticipation for minimal, but evocative storytelling as he stirs the beat around it and slowly sprinkles ingredients.” – Stereogum

“It’s often hotly debated whether or not professional training or education have any weight in the quality of an electronic artist’s music. While the pendulum often swings both ways equally, Nick Leng is an example of professional training being an obvious advantage.” – VICE / Thump