In a recently launched video from the BVG, Modeselektor’s beats electrify a journey through Berlin’s theatre, live music, cinema, visual and performance art, and nightclub scenes. It presents creatives working in these fields to remind everyone how the city depends on their energy. The short clip (found below) is part of a campaign called “Licht im Schacht” (Light in the Shaft). The initiative calls on individuals to support culture by donating to the Bündnis Freie Szene Berlin e.V. via IBAN or purchasing a “culture ticket” from BVG vending machines and retail outlets through 18 July. Sadly, there’s no option on the mobile app to support culture. However, PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg will double donations from BVG ticket sales.

Over 20 creatives presented

Alongside Modeselektor, the campaign features a diverse range of artists including Barbie Breakout, and Sero. This selection is meant to replicate the experience one encounters while riding on the BVG. In fact, this is what inspired the transport operator’s CEO, Eva Kreienkamp, to support culture.

“…it is us (the BVG) who brings people to the clubs, stages and halls and back home again. With this unique ticket, together with all Berliners, we can easily help support the diverse cultural offerings of our city. “

-Eva Kreinenkamp

18 months and counting

The culture sector remains one of the hardest hit by the pandemic’s forced closures. Although this campaign paints a glimmer of hope in a dark tunnel for creatives, there’s always more we can do. It’s important to donate to organisations like the Bündnis Freie Szene Berlin e.V, as many individuals rely on such supplemental income. While this summer promises to bring back some activity, there’s still a long road ahead. If you’ve got an extra €1 lying about, head over to your nearest BVG vending machine to get a “culture ticket” or make a bank transfer. It’s a step in the right direction.