Recorded in an unconfirmed castle near Brussels, Belgian rock band Balthazar performed tracks from their latest album “Sand” (released on 26 February 2021 via PIAS) for a short film titled, “Sand Castle Tapes.” The movie, which documented Balthazar’s short stay at the castle, will be available to watch during a special live stream on 3 June 2021. You can catch a preview of what’s to come with their video for “Moment,” released by HolyShit Sessions.

“Sand Castle Tapes” was captured by Belgian filmmaker Heleen Declercq and co-produced by HolyShit Sessions / Landvogel. Created during the pandemic, it gave Balthazar a special opportunity to perform tracks from their recently released “Sand” album. It was also a chance for them to reunite after spending time in isolation from one another. They commented on how this experience provided a deeper connection with their music, as opposed to performing in front of an audience.

You only get to fully understand an album when you start playing it together, the relaxed circumstances lead to a whole other way of interpreting the songs than we would have for a live show. It’s refreshing, it’s very human.”


The album’s namesake, “Sand,” refers to the fluidity of time and uncertainty of what’s to come in the future. This couldn’t be more relevant than how we’ve spent the past year, especially for musicians. It’s an emotionally charged recording, which is meant to take the listener places. With “Sand Castle Tapes,” Balthazar invites you to be part of their melancholic jazz-pop process.

Lead by Jinte Deprez and Marten Devoldere, Balthazar seem to outperform themselves with every release. PopMatters comments on this. “But with Sand, Balthazar’s fifth studio outgoing, these Belgians remain at peak, all while pivoting their sound in a whole new direction.” It’s an album deserving of such a unique presentation. Check out “Sand Castle Sessions” to see for yourself.