As the world continues to change and become more digitally connected, the September re-launch of Cement Magazine explores what the new reality brings. In addition to increased online shopping and engagement, face-to-face encounters could become more deliberate and valuable than ever. Looking to a physically distanced reality, intimate events may replace large scale gatherings, launches, performances, and parties. The way we socialise, network, and participate in culture is rapidly changing.

Leading up to September, Cement Magazine will explore topics on how fashion, visual art, music, influencer engagement, nightlife, lifestyle, tourism, and the role of technology, transportation, and mobility, are forever impacted. With a current Instagram following of 20,000, Cement aims to expand its reach and platform, providing new audiences for featured individuals and organisations.

Main topics include (with an emphasis on engagement, consumption, and merchandising)

  • Visual art – artists, galleries, museums, and art fairs
  • Music – musicians, performances, and festivals
  • Influencers
  • Nightlife – parties, DJ’s, and culture
  • Lifestyle – wellness, dining out, self-care
  • Tourism
  • Technology
  • Transportation and mobility

Cement Magazine is now soliciting profiles, stories, photography, news releases, and video/audio content for its September edition. Leading up to the re-launch, blog articles, mini stories, and social media posts will be shared on Cement’s channels.

Please send pitches and submissions to jacob [at]

To build a foundation, you need Cement – let’s create a new future together.

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